Features - Social Commerce

eSellution provides tools to Control & Manage multiple sales channels from one easy to use dashboard.

  • Facebook 'Like' Buttons On Products

    Wanting to know what products your clients prefer? With eSellution's social commerce integration, customers can now 'Like' your products, helping you gain a better understanding of market trends. Another means of free social marketing with the eSellution platform.

  • Share Products To 10+ Social Media Sites

    The rise of online social networking over the past few years has created a huge market for your business. The eSellution dashboard now allows you to share your products with over 10 social media sites, helping your company expand.

  • Connect Users To Your Social Site

    Keep in contact with you customers by connecting you store across a number of different social media sites. This allows you to interact with your customers and keep them up to date with your latest products and services.