Features - Stock Synchronisation

eSellution provides tools to Control & Manage multiple sales channels from one easy to use dashboard.

  • Never Oversell Products

    When selling online, one of the more common problems is keeping accurate control of your stock. It is easy to overestimate your stock quantity and oversell your products. With eSellution, this is a thing of the past. Keep your stock updated effortlessly.

  • Track Which Platform A Sale Comes From

    With many sales platforms to sell from, knowing where your sales are coming from can become overwhelming. Our dashboard allows you to find out exactly which sales platforms are successful so you know where your business needs to be improved.

  • Reduce Many Account Logins To One

    Having to log into individual selling accounts and maintain stock on each one can be stressful. eSellution's control panel allows you to access each of your selling platforms directly from one place making your business easier to manage.

  • Manage Snyc Per Individual Store

    Sometimes you may want to vary products and categories depending on your store. You can now do this easily as eSellution allows you to manage each of your stores individually. Customize your synchronization with eSellution, all without any technical knowledge.